Here at Harvey Roe we understand that not all landlords want the hassle of dealing with tenants themselves.

  • Do you have several properties and do not have time to devote to sourcing and managing tenants?
  • Do you live abroad or some distance away in the UK and cannot ensure the safety of their property because of this?
  • Do you have several business interests, property being just one of them?
  • Do you understand the value of keeping a house for residual income and for your pension, but don’t want the hassle that that monthly amount can bring?

We can be the ideal solution for you!

Harvey Roe Vs Estate Agents

Letting agents will ask for a management fee to be paid monthly, typically between 8-15%.

Letting agents have lots of properties on their books and work office hours. They employ the services of tradesmen and referencing companies to help them manage a landlord’s property. Landlords pay for this.

Over time, tenants will often reduce the value of the property as the standard of the home drops. Agents can’t give the time required to ensure the standard is kept high.

What WE offer: 

We have time and local knowledge! This is a family run business. We work the hours it takes to get the job done- 24/7. We do this because it is our passion and we care. We are not a huge company. We take on several good quality homes at a time and this is for a good reason. Our standards are high. We want our professionals to have the best!!

  • A database of FULLY REFERENCED PROFESSIONALS ready to move in to your property. We deal primarily with local doctors and engineers, and several large companies based in the Hemel Hempstead and Watford areas.
  • No need for negotiation!! We are happy to pay market price which means more money for you if you work with us directly as you just cut out the management fees
  • 100% GUARANTEE!! that your property will be bought up to the high standard we require for our professionals. This usually means redecoration- new carpets, furniture and appliances. We always install 50 inch TVs, high quality kitchenware etc. This is for you to KEEP once our agreement ends
  • Cleaner- We ensure the property is cleaned regularly
  • Gardener- We ensure the grounds of your property is also kept clean and tidy
  • Team of hard working, efficient trades people.
  • All tenants come fully referenced
  • We pay ALL bills- council tax, utilities etc.
  • NO VOIDS!! We become your tenant so if we have professionals leave before the end of the agreement that’s on us. You are guaranteed your rent from us 365 days of the year
  • We prefer to work with a landlord for at least two years so if you are interested in long-term stress-free letting talk to us
  • We often buy properties from landlords at the end of the term so please discuss this with us if this is of interest to you
  • We love what we do…truly!! We are passionate about our properties which is why we rent our houses out super quickly and efficiently

Are you an existing HMO landlord?

We can take on existing lisenced HMO’s and upgrade them in our own unique style.

We always fully comply and can take on all your compliance for example, a weekly fire check, fire risk assessments and organising certificates.

Do you have a property that would lend itself to being a HMO?

If so you will need a licence and consequently need to be compliant;

We can take over the management of your HMO so you are totally hands free

We can do the required upgrades on your behalf for a one off fee

Speak to the team about both of these services today.

“We have just renewed with Harvey Roe again for 5 more years. I have been really pleased with
how the rental has gone. I don’t get involved with any of the day to day and I have my house looking
amazing! My pension is shaping up nicely and my house is secure!”

– Shanaz R

Meet The Team

Lizzie Robinson
Company Director / Head Of Acquisitions

Lizzie founded the company with Mat Roe back in 2015. She manages all acquisitions and refurbishment projects. Her passion is making our tenants a comfortable living environment and ensuring our landlords are happy with our service

Mat Roe
Company Director / Head Of Finance

Mat is our financial lead and deals with accounting and balancing the books!  He thinks big but has a great eye for detail.

Cheryl Wern
Property Manager

Cheryl co-ordinates all maintenance, compliance and supports tenants to move in and out of the properties.